Weight Loss Cary

Weight Loss Cary


We see obesity causing health issues in individuals of all ages. In 2013 a medical study came out The Journal of the American Medical Association claiming that people overweight by up to 30 pounds were less likely to die earlier than those at a “normal” weight. However the study was soon disproven due to not being well-conducted. Holding onto additional weight can putan individual at higher risk for disease or even early death. What’s even scarier than all of that is the fact that over one third of American’s are considered obese at this point. If you take care of your body over the years, you can hopefully prevent plenty of unnecessary illnesses.

Best Ways to Lose Weight

Losing weight quickly could cause more issues than not losing weight at all! In fact, it may be the worst way to lose weight. Most evidence shows the fact that those who lose weight more gradually at 1-2 pounds per week are better at keeping it off long-term. You have to have a well-thought out plan for diet and fitness to see real results. Even modest weight loss, such as 5-10% of your total body weight is a great goal and starting point for anyone. With that much change you are likely to improve blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure, which can improve your overall health and wellbeing. If you set small goals, you can reach a bigger goal without becoming defeated.

Weight Loss Assistance in Cary

No one will deal with the exact same path to successful weight loss. Almost everyone will experience different trials and tribulations while trying to lose weight. Some people never battle medical or weight issues while others live in a constant battle. Everyone is different! Having medical supervision is always a great plan, as you will stay motivated and lose weight safely. If you are in need of medically supervised weight loss, you’ll feel confident in the care you receive while working with weight loss Cary.