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Positive Parenting – What are the Basic Principles?

Many parents today are interested in developing positive parenting skills. While there’s no exact definition for positive parenting, it usually refers to focusing on rewarding good behavior rather than on punishing unwanted behavior. In this approach, parents encourage their child to act in appropriate ways and at the same time they help their child build his or her self-esteem. There are many ways to become a more positive parent, and in this article we’ll be discussing some practical suggestions.

Among the activities children do, play is among the most important ones. It is during play that children develop many areas related to intelligence and creativity.

Nowadays, children should be encouraged to play outside as well. Kids will benefit from playing sports and organized activities. However, kids should have some unstructured playtime as well. This allows them to use their imaginations and come up with their own games and ways of entertaining themselves. There is also evidence that kids who spend more time outdoors have fewer behavior problems than those who are always indoors watching television or using a computer.

An essential skill that will factor in your child’s success in the real world, reading can be a source of pleasure for your child as well. If your child is still quite young, start reading to them every day as doing so will encourage a love for reading. As they get older, you can read with them and help them learn new words. Even though reading is something that your child is going to be taught how to do in school, it’s still a good idea to help your child out in this area. You’re bonding with your child when you read with them. Not only that, but you’re teaching them to appreciate books and enjoy learning. Make sure that you read a variety of materials to your child (appropriate to your child’s age, of course!) because this will help you uncover any talents or interests in your child.

Kids need a certain amount of sleep and rest to be healthy and to be on their best behavior. Young kids especially must have regular naps on top of their nightly sleep.

Enforce a bedtime for the kids that is reasonable and no matter what, never allow your children to stay up past this time. Your children’s sleep can be interrupted if they are eating foods that are high in sugar or drinking beverages that are caffeinated so watch out for this. Learning and behavior issues tend to be exhibited by children who are not getting adequate rest and sleep.

When you practice positive parenting, you have a better chance of developing a healthy relationship with your children. If you find that your child has a problem, as a parent, you’ll need to focus on finding solutions and then anticipating positive outcomes. The positive parenting methods we’ve explored in this article can help get you started, and there is plenty of additional information on this topic available online and elsewhere.

Parenting Your Teenagers

You’ll find no shortage of information online and offline on how to successfully raise teens. You can read so much that you will likely not remember it in the heat of battle with your teen children. Nonetheless, it will still benefit you to seek as much information as you can at every chance you get.

The more you read, the higher your chances of learning something new. In addition, try joining an online community created exclusively for parents of teenagers. This kind of forum is a source of information, tips, and support.

There is a lot to be learned when it comes to parenting teens. This time in your teen’s life is as hard to understand for them as it is for you. The more you understand what is happening to your teenager, the more you will be able to help them through it. The better you are prepared for this; the better the results will be. The bottom line is that you as a parent are responsible to see that your teen makes it through this arduous time in their life. The teen years seem to happen in a split second; from an easy going child to someone you are not sure if you know anymore.

A support structure is valuable because at some point in our lives, we’re going to need it. It’s crucial that you be there to support your teenagers because for the most part, teens are insecure. Your teenage children have enough insecurities to live with on a daily basis, which is why it’s imperative for them to know and believe, most importantly, that you are always there to support them. Make your teens understand that no matter how rough things get, you’ll be there.

A healthy sense of discipline is one of the best gifts you can every give to your teenage child in addition to love and care. Your child is more likely to become an upstanding citizen if he or she learns discipline early on in life. Parents are expected to discipline their children, and you need to know as a parent that when you do help your child to be disciplined, you’re actually helping him or her have a better future. Simple things like making your child do his or her bed every morning can translate into him or her being an adult who takes his or her responsibilities at work seriously. There is much more as you know, and it all makes a contribution that is expressed as a behavior as an adult.

It’s never easy to raise children, much less teenagers. There’s plenty of research out there on how to successfully parent teenagers but of course, you’ll need to use your good judgment to determine which among the various parenting advice to use. Ultimately, though, you’ll need to believe in yourself enough that you are a good parent and will do whatever is best for your child.