Approaches to Raising Well-Balanced Children

Approaches to Raising Well-Balanced Children

When people first become parents they don’t know much, so help should be welcomed. The fact that they are alone, makes the task ahead of single parents awesome. Any time there is a home with a single parent getting help for support is vital. Wherever you live, in a big city or small one, you need to find a support group to make your life easier. As long as you are willing to look, you can find places for support, whether it is with friends or from groups online.

On Spanking

One area that is the subject of a lot of modern research is spanking. Studies are showing that this form of physical punishment may lead to certain manifestations of mental illness. These conclusions have generated a lot of controversy and have lead to much debate and disagreement. It is clear, nevertheless, that the last decade has shown a new trend in the area of acceptable physical punishment. Remember, however, when you consider this, you have to keep in mind that spanking was the norm for decades. This is a personal decision for every parent, and there are forms of punishment that are effective. You will also find many forms of “punishment” that use positive reinforcement. If you study different methods of spanking alternatives, you will find you can combine the methods you feel would work best in your family.

Parenting personalities come in different types, according to research, and the context you find yourself in, you should think about, because it will be helpful. You won’t be contributing in a positive way, unless you are totally honest with yourself. Some people have the parenting trait of child discipline being very hard for them to apply. The point is that you and your spouse can work together in a synergistic way. It is okay to use complementary approaches, because it is a team effort. Maybe only one spouse has the ability to apply discipline, so it would be good to know that. Everybody can benefit when you work it out, so that it is fine tuned.

On Reverse Psychology

There are many forms of research into parenting skills, and this experiment really caught my eye. If you are like me, you grew up hearing your parents tell you to do things or to not do them. Whatever parents don’t want their children doing, this is usually what they end up accomplishing. If you tell children to not throw balls within your home, they hear “throw balls”. Whatever the parents don’t want them to do, kids usually know that it is wrong to do.

But the command is sabotaged because children don’t listen well to begin with. You need to, alternatively, tell them what to do in a positive way. You can say, put the ball down and that is completely different and not framed as a negative.

In some cases, children can be very frustrating by the actions that they make. You’re stopped dead in your tracks because it’s so smart and beats your ace. Parents can have these experiences, which are very humbling and difficult to deal with.

All this means is that your children are thinking, so don’t get upset when these things occur.