Stem Cell Treatment Charlotte

Stem Cell Treatment Charlotte

Stem Cell Professionals in Charlotte

All medical care needs to fit the needs of the patient and their lifestyle. All too many medical innovations and solutions are made with the “one size fits all” mindset behind them because it’s easier, more appealing, and doesn’t take additional training to do. Modern medicine has taken great strides and does great things, but it also has sent us into a spiral of relying on surgeries and prescription drugs to fix medical issues. Stem cell therapy has opened new doors in medical care for pain.

Where are stem cells sourced from?

back pain Cary NCIt is imperative that you do extensive research on medical professionals who provide stem cell therapy, as well as research how and where stem cells are sourced. All body tissue has stem cells in it, but some like bone marrow and fat are far more plentiful and viable sources. Also in using your own body as the source, you totally avoid all chance at infections or pathogens. Do not trust anything off the shelf or purchased over the internet!

Success with Stem Cells

Stem cells have given people their lives back without the pain of surgery or issues associated with pain killers! Roughly 95% of people claim that the procedure was a success and has improved everyday life, and even 80%+ of people say the same after three months. Like all medicine, you and your lifestyle choices heavily impact how successful it may be. In a short time, it has become very successful in helping people return to their lives before they were in pain.

Risks of Stem Cells

Yes, all medical care does leave us with the risk of some side effects, but stem cell treatment is super safe. With proper techniques and guidelines infection is exceedingly rare, only about 1 in 1000 are affected at all by infection. Stem cell therapy and growth factor injections are very safe, but still always ensure you’re working with the best of doctors and only doing things you understand and are comfortable with. You can trust the care you’ll receive from the professionals at Stem Cell Treatment Charlotte!